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  • Hydrate before class! - This is rule #1 and most important. Bring a water bottle to fill up, or purchase a water when you get here.Please make sure to hydrate during and after class as well.
  • Wear something to work out in. Come in biking shorts or leggings, Tee shirt or Tank Top. It's Ganna get sweaty!
  • Clip-In Shoes - Tennis shoes or running shoes isn't going to cut it at our studio. If you have clip in cycling shoes, bring em. If not we can rent you a pair no problem. Cost is $3. Our bikes accept SPD and LOOK-Delta style clip-in's.


    • Arrive Minimum 15 minutes Early - If it's your first time taking a spin class get here early. You are going to need time to get comfortable with the vibe of the environment and studio.
      Ask for help setting up your bike! - Your bike needs setting up prior to class. Find a staffer or Instructor and make sure your bike adjustments are correct.
    • Grab some hand weights - Our hand weights come in 1-5lbs. Start with 2lbs and work your way up from there.
    • Ride the bike - If something is uncomfortable, adjust your bike. Still uncomfortable? Flag a staffer or instructor.


  • Avoid Heavy perfumes/cologne - Deodorant is cool. Heavy perfumes or colognes are not. Please wash heavy scents off prior to entering our studio.
  • No cross talk - When the lights go down and class starts. Shhhhhhhhhhhh.
  • No cell phones - Leave your cell phones and gadgets in the lockers. Enjoy the digital detox.
  • Don't be late - Don't arrive 2 min before class starts. Respect the time of the studio and others. Once the doors to the studio shut, access to the class wont be permitted.
  • Don't leave early - If you must leave class early, let the instructor know so they know that nothing is wrong. Classes end with a stretch designed to speed your recovery. It is an integral part of the class.
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